We are
at your disposal.

The digitization of processes is an important step in the evolution of our clients. We have chosen to accompany our clients from the discovery of the platform to daily support, including user training.

Pluriell does everything possible to respond to your questions as quickly as possible. This is also how we make a difference.

How does
it work ?

We plan to provide comprehensive support and assistance from the beginning of the project. Initially, you are free to choose the modules you want. Then, we can work together to configure the solution to perfectly fit your current methods and processes.

Pluriell has been designed to adapt to different needs and help you build your new way of working.

Select your modules.
Choose from our various optional modules if you want to go further than the standard features available in Pluriell.
Set up your environment
Create your report templates, generate your production progress reports and construction schedules, etc. We are at your disposal to assist you during this important phase.
Organize your projects
Break down your projects into phases according to your work habits and assign them to your collaborators to increase efficiency.
Manage & Collaborate
Centralize feedback and reports, construction site photos, essential documents, and comments to make them easily accessible to relevant personnel.


Pluriell's configuration allows it to adapt to your needs and organization without changing your habits.

We have also planned the necessary connections to integrate with your current tools and further increase your efficiency by automating processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the paying users?

    Administrator, Manager and Collaborator are paying subscriptions. Access for your customers and partners is completely free, to help you collaborate and share information.

  • Can we change the type and number of subscriptions ?

    Just like our solution, we are commercially flexible. You can contact us at any time to adapt the number of subscriptions and the modules you wish to use.

  • Is there a limit to the number of projects?

    There are no limitations when using Pluriell. Create as many projects, reports, planning and add as many documents as you want.

  • Can you help us get started?

    It's easy to get started straight away, but we believe that every company is different. We can offer you personalized support and training when you begin with Pluriell.

  • Can we adapt Pluriell to our needs?

    It’s exactly how Pluriell evolves. Pluriell settings allow you to adapt the application to your way of working and not the other way around. If you have any specific needs, please let us know and we will make sure to offer you solutions to integrate Pluriell into your environment.