Simplicity first

Meeting the needs of a sector in complete digital transformation in an intuitive and simple way is our main challenge. We decided to make it our job.

Manage and analyze

Pluriell gives an overview of your project status, collaborators workload and construction site progress.

  • Visualize projects dashboard
  • Validate each phase of your progress reports
  • Create production and construction site planning
  • Generate site reports
  • Consult detailed reporting

Centralize and collaborate

Pluriell simplifies internal collaboration, reduces miscommunication and the risks of errors and increases customers and external partners satisfaction.

  • Facilitate information sharing with your collaborators
  • Assign tasks to the right persons
  • Ensure access to data and documents for all
  • Centralize contact details of everyone

Our users

Our users have different jobs and needs.

We offer different modules that we can configure according to your needs. Pluriell adapts to your working environment and not the other way round.

The advantages

Benefit from Pluriell advantages thanks to a quick implementation of the application.

Forget complex and complicated solutions, concentrate on your core business: design and build.


45 Min
Earned per field report

Digitalize field and follow-up report generation, automate their layout and simplify their diffusion their diffusion and sharing.

25 Emails
Less to process per day

Centralize and facilitates information and documents access to reduce unproductive emails discussion.

4 Hours
Of meeting saved

Efficiently delegate tasks and monitor their progress in real time without mobilizing all of your staff in meetings.

90 %
Satisfaction increase

Improve collaboration, optimize communication with partners and increase customers satisfaction.

Our references

More than 1000 users share our philosophy and use Pluriell on a daily basis to manage their project and monitor their construction sites.

Pluriell evolves thanks to them. 

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