Simplicity above all

In an ever-evolving industry, the main challenge is to maintain a simple and intuitive interface while offering features that meet the needs of our users.

We understand your profession and your challenges.

Developed in close collaboration with architects, Pluriell is optimized based on your needs.

Save time with Pluriell.

Easily manage all your administrative tasks and focus on the essentials of your profession: designing and building.

Your benefits.

Enjoy the benefits of Pluriell with a quick and easy setup of the application.

Forget about heavy and complicated tools and simplify your daily routine.


45 Min
Saved by site report

Digitize the writing of your site reports and meeting minutes, automate their layout, simplify the sending and dissemination of various comments.

25 Emails
Less to process per day.

Centralize and facilitate access to information and documents to reduce unproductive email exchanges.

4 hours
In meetings saved

Effectively delegate tasks and track their progress in real time without mobilizing all your employees in a meeting.

90 %
Increase in satisfaction.

Improve collaboration, optimize communication with your partners, and increase the satisfaction of your clients and employees.

Our references

Over 1000 users share our philosophy and use Pluriell on a daily basis to manage their projects and track their construction sites.

It is also thanks to them that Pluriell is evolving

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