Only what you need

Every office and every company are different, that’s why we offer different feature you can activate according to your needs and your digital evolution

Project management

Manage efficiently your project and your collaborators 

  • Have a clear and global view of each project status
  • Analyze workload and avoid overload or off-peak period
  • Consult staff planning in real time

Field reports

Save time when writing field reports

  • Generate dynamic field reports instantly and assign observations easily
  • Share your reports with all relevant person
  • Automatically centralize observations to every person
  • File and archive your reports

How it works ?

Process digitalization is an important step in your customer evolution. We provide full support from the beginning of the project.

Pluriell has been designed to adapt to different needs and help you build your new way of working.

Select your feature
Choose from our optional features if you desire to go further than standard feature available in Pluriell
Configure your environment
Create your own report templates, generate your production progress reports and construction site planning, … The Pluriell team is at your disposal to assist you in this crucial phase
Organize your projects
Divide your projects into phases according to your work habits and assign them to your collaborators to increase efficiency
Manage & Collaborate
Centralize observations and reports, construction site pictures, key documents and comments to facilitate access for relevant people

Progress report

Structure your projects by phases and tasks

  • Draw up checklist for each project phase
  • Assign phases to your collaborators
  • Automate approvals of each phase
  • Create your production planning


Time tracking

Log time and increase your profitability

  • Analyze time you and your teams spend on each project
  • Keep an eye on your projects and collaborators profitability
  • Generate reporting



Improve your external collaboration without constraints while remaining in control of your construction site 

  • Offer a free clean and personalized environment to each construction site stakeholder, automate your communication and saved lot of time
  • Centralize approvals, observations and information given by your customers
  • Reduce stress and inefficient emails or WhatsApp discussions
  • Keep legal proof of discussions and approvals throughout the projects


Other features

Pluriell is constantly evolving based on users’ needs and feedbacks. As each user is different, we have chosen to offer a modular solution so that he only uses and pays for what he needs.


Document management

Centralize all key documents and manage access to files for relevant persons to facilitate information sharing

Construction site planning

Generate construction site planning and keep progress reports up to date. Structure yours planning on multiple levels and create time constraints and dependencies


Create, send and manage your invoices on a fee or contract basis - Available in 2021

Call for tender

Accelerate your tendering process thanks to our knowledge database and centralize quotes - Available in 2021