Focus on the core aspects of your job.


Our clients have noticed that an increasing number of tasks are being assigned to them. We have brought together within a single platform the tools to simplify the daily management and monitoring of your projects while increasing your efficiency

Project management & phases

Define the backbone of your project and interact with the phases in the different modules of Pluriell.

Timesheet & Analytics

Optimize timesheeting and increase your productivity. Analyze the time you and yours teams spend on each project.


Structure your projects by phases and assign the different stages. Pluriell automatically generates a global planning for your office and allows you to supervise the workload of your teams.

How does it work ?

Digitalization of processes is an important step in the evolution of our clients. That's why we provide comprehensive support from the beginning of the project.

Pluriell has been designed to adapt to different needs and help you build your new way of working.

Demo & Qualification
Choose the time slot that suits you best and tell us how you are currently organized. During this first exchange, we will gather as much information as possible to better understand your needs.
Create your project templates, structure your reports, generate your initial schedules, and organize the billing of your fees. Pluriell adapts to your organization, not the other way around.
Training & Support
Integrate your colleagues and collaborators into your new way of working to enable them to quickly gain efficiency. We are at your disposal to support you during this important phase.
Centralize your remarks and reports, construction site photos, essential documents, and comments in one place to facilitate access for the people involved.


Automaticcaly generate your billing schedules based on your project and phase templates. The amount of your invoices is calculated automatically according to the progress of your projects.

Site reports

Save time when writing your site reports and automate formatting. Pluriell takes care of sending a summary of remarks dedicated to each relevant stakeholder.

Other features


Pluriell is constantly evolving based on the needs of our users and their feedback. Since each office is different, we have chosen to offer different types of licenses and access to ensure that Pluriell adapts to your organization.


Documents & sharing

Centralize all essential documents and manage access to files for different stakeholders to facilitate information transfer.


Save the contact details of your partners and clients in a single database and categorize them by types. Link your contacts to your projects for easy retrieval.

Checklist & tasks

Establish a checklist for each project phase. Assign different steps to your collaborators and don't miss any deadlines.