Project management dedicated to the building sector

Project management

Increase your efficiency and improve your organization by automating processes

  • View your projects status in an instant
  • Analyze your office workload
  • Keep an eye on your collaborators’ planning
  • Avoid overload and off-peak period


Follow-up & Collaboration

Facilitate information sharing within your organization and collaborate effectively with your customers and partners

  • Reduce miscommunication and the risks of errors
  • Ensure better follow-up
  • Facilitate access to key information
  • Increase customers and partners satisfaction


Observations & Field reports

Save time when writing field reports

  • Generate dynamic field reports instantly and assign observations easily
  • Share your reports with all relevant person
  • Automatically centralize observations to every person
  • File and archive your reports


Construction site planning & Progress reports

Simplify construction site planning and keep your progress report up to date

  • Structure yours planning on multiple levels
  • Create time constraints and dependencies
  • Assign people so that they know when they will be working
  • Easily maintain your progress reports



Checklist & Tasks

Structure your projects by phases and tasks

  • Draw up checklist for each project phase
  • Assign phases to your collaborators
  • Automate approvals of each phase
  • Create your production planning


Other features

Document management

Centralize all key documents and manage access to files for relevant persons to facilitate information sharing


Centralize all your customers and partners contact details and classify them. Link your contacts to your projects and easy access for your collaborators


Budget your construction sites and have a clear view of each phase budget, labour cost and cost of materials - Available in 2021

Call for tender

Accelerate your tendering process thanks to our knowledge database and centralize quotes - Available in 2021